waste treatment centre
The company operates in the forest area for five years, providing services for the hydropower sector and mining industries. Stands out as a strategic partner for the implementation of large enterprises focused on minimizing environmental impacts and integrating processes to multiple use of natural resources.

Services performed

  • Development and implementation of RPDA - Recovery Program of Degraded Areas
  • Local wildlife rescue and reintegration in nature
  • Generation bank GeoPlasma
  • Vegetation removal
  • Restore preservation areas
  • Natural landscape Recovery
  • Integrated solution for disposal of wood

Monitoring of Fauna and Flora performed

  • Collection of fauna and flora from areas that received interference
  • Registration support for IBAMA professional, all animals identified, screened and reintegrated in nature.
  • Generation of GeoPlasma banks collecting and registering of seeds and fruits.
  • Identification matrix of native species and restore of areas considering the original ecosystem, according to the Forest Code.
  • Structuring of forest nurseries and seedling production.
  • Conducting floristic inventories.

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