waste treatment centre

The Environmental Engineering area is focused on providing consulting services and environment project management, developing projects of evaluation and identification from contaminated areas, toxic evaluation risks to human health and remediation of soil and groundwater. The company works in this service line since its foundation in 1999 and it is responsible for most of the biggest projects in the whole country.

The environmental diagnostic service is focused to the environmental passives and contaminations characteristics, through its identification and quantification in the soil or groundwater.



The evaluation to human health risks allow, through an application of methodologic defensive technique, manage safely and efficiently this contamination, allowing a better application to available resources for the recovery of the affected area always giving human health an environmental priority.

The job of environmental recovery uses modern processes to treat contamination on the underground environment through proven and innovative technology, that aims on the impacted area getting the new modern and sustainable concept of management risks, working with integrated solutions that allows a better efficiency to recover the degraded area.

Performed services

  • Management of contaminated areas
  • Environmental research
  • Evaluation of risk to human health
  • Planning and execution of remediation projects of soil and groundwater
  • Monitoring air, water, soil and waste
  • Steam intrusion monitoring
  • Waste management internal and external
  • Provision of services by teams specializing in oil and gas

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