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Foxx Haztec is the leading environmental solutions company in Brazil and the largest company in this sector of Rio de Janeiro, was born from the union of this two companies in early 2013, adding environmental expertise and innovative characteristics from both companies.

The new Foxx Haztec operates in four business areas:


The company has six Central Waste Treatments (CWTs), an unit for blending and co-processing and an unit for incineration, treatment and destination of municipal solid and industrial waste.


Technology and Innovation

The company also brought innovation, using waste as a feedstock for power generation with the first ERU - Energy Recovery Unit in Brazil, besides performing energetic use of biogas and RDF (refuse derivative fuel).

In areas of Environmental Engineering and Forestry, the company offers to the market a comprehensive portfolio of services with specialized teams across the country.

Rio de Janeiro

Rua Joaquim Palhares, 40 | Cidade Nova
Rio de Janeiro | RJ | CEP: 20260-080 | Brazil
Tel: +55 (21) 3974 6150 | Fax: +55 (21) 3974 6705

São Paulo

Rua Samuel Morse, 134 | 3º andar | Brooklin
São Paulo | SP | CEP: 04576-060 | Brazil
Tel: +55 (11) 5103 5300 | Fax: +55 (1l) 5103 5301


Sales: comercial@haztec.com.br
Client support: sac@haztec.com.br
Ombudsman: 0800 024 6114